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Who We Are

Who We Are

Experienced and Professional

Ian Anderson, is the principle of Anderson Dredging & Consulting, Ltd., an international marine dredging and consulting company that serves the needs of infrastructure developers, port authorities, oil, gas and mineral exploration companies worldwide.

personal_01He and his associates are well experienced in the dredging of ports and harbors, land reclamation, beach replenishment, site investigations, pipeline trenches and dredging for gold. The company will assist dredging companies, state-owned and private enterprises with project management, the auditing of projects in execution, reviewing the design of dredging equipment, financing, and the procurement of personnel and equipment.

Using experience gained during a 30-year career in international dredging projects, Anderson will participate with project owners, on a fee plus incentive basis, for the development of projects from conception through execution.

Services will include initial project feasibility assessment, site surveys, project financing options, sourcing of appropriate dredging equipment and attendant plant and overall project management.

The Company has established relationships with associates and contacts in many countries.

Anderson’s experience includes attending the Sloan Programme at the London Business School, which has been rated as the premier business school in Europe by the London Financial Times.

A British native, he lives near New Orleans, Louisiana, having relocated to the United States as President of Stuyvesant Dredging Company, a company owned by Royal Boskalis Westminster NV of the Netherlands, for whom he worked for 30 years.

Anderson is a member of what he calls a ‘multi-generation’ dredging family. His grandfather George Anderson together with E D Kalis founded Westminster Dredging Company in England in 1933. He began his career in the dredging industry in the 60’s as a trainee-dredging superintendent with the James Contracting and Shipping Co., “James Dredging” in Southampton, England, and subsequently worked through all levels of the dredging industry in many countries, and he has firsthand experience with all kinds of dredging projects and equipment.

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